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Voice Training

Working with a voice trainer is just like hiring a physical trainer at the gym.  Whether you are training for an event or just more confidence the body is trained for good health before we put the clothes of styling on top of it.  In voice training, we work with the chest, head and mix registers similar to that of the lower body, upper body and abs.  Once it is in a healthy state we add the clothing of artistry and style such as  jazz, blues, rock, pop, classical, musical theater etc...

Since we aren't able to look at the vocal folds (without a scope) and can't technically reach our hands in to manipulate them, voice trainers use the sounds to massage and strengthen the vocal cords.  An effective voice trainer will use several elements at once such as, phonetics, scales, effects, etc... to relax, stretch and strengthen the vocal components.   This teaches us to make adjustments based on the feeling and not the sound. If singers make adjustments to their voice based on the sound it is already to late.  If the singer makes adjustments to their voice base on the feeling, not only does it feel easy but the sound that follows is more pleasing.


When training in a gym it can take several weeks before seeing results.  

Voice training sessions will leave the singer with more control and ease the same day! 

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