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About Melody Bell

Along with private voice training, Melody is involved in many community projects where she lives,  such as:

- Teaching songwriting, overcoming performance anxiety courses through Lane Community College.  

- Summer Camps for All ages: Rock Edge Camp, American Rhythm, Lehi Arts Children's choir & musical theaters

- Hosted and judged open mics, as well as songwriting and singing competitions

- Sterling Scholar Judge for the state of Utah

- Art City Music Fest

- Group performance classes: choirs, show choirs, drill teams, taiko drum teams

Awards, affiliations and recognitions include:

- Certified in Speech Level Singing

- John Henny Associate

- Certified in Vocal Science

- Los Angeles Music Awards: Best female vocalist & best country song

- CMT: Music City Madness 

- VH1: Acoustic Honorable Mention

- Broadjam world top 10 chart for over 4 months

- National Association of Teachers of Singing

- West Coast Songwriters

- PNW Songwriters

Melody's studies with the voice started at an early age.  Not only did it start by being given the name Melody, but it was discovered that she was born tongue tied.  A couple years later she went selectively mute after her father's tragic passing.  During the many years that followed, the issues with her voice got worse.  With several different diagnosis’s from Paradoxical Vocal Cord Dysfunction and chronic laryngitis to Laryngeal spasms & Gastroesophogeal Reflux.  Because singing and talking would grow harder and harder, Melody became obsessed with the mechanisms of the human voice and how to control and manipulate it. She had multiple vocal scholarships but turned them down.  As much as she enjoyed classical music, Melody wanted to learn the mechanics of the human voice in all styles, not just classical.

Over the next half of her life, Melody researched speech & voice therapists that were renowned for their work with singers.  She trained one-on-one with the exact same trainers as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Cee Lo Green, Ozzie Osborn, Ray Charles, Liza Minelli, Prince, Tina Turner, Justin Bieber and more. She spent more than 2 decades learning directly under and training with: Seth Riggs, Dean Kaelin, John Henny, Greg Enriques,  Dave Stroud, Linda Tomkinson & more. Not only did she excel understanding of their techniques & pedagogies, but she was able to do more with her voice than ever thought possible.  Although Melody was a composer and songwriter, with the years of voice training experience behind her, within months of Melody taking on the performer role, Melody was getting credits, nominations, acknowledgements & awards with VH1, CMT, Los Angeles Music Awards and more for her songwriting and as a vocalist.  

Although Melody has gotten national attention for her music and voice, she is more interested in getting those same results with others.  Her students have gone on and done amazing things of their own such as: numerous school, city, county & state talent shows, Several tours and albums released, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Solos, competed on shows such as The Voice & American Idol and many more.  Although she will always stay performing to keep her skills up, teaching is more important than a performance to her.  Whether it be a school talent show, a musical theater audition, the first album & EP, an upcoming gig or performance, learning to write and sing on an instrument or just finally hitting that high note, Melody has the training and experience to get you to your goals and to make it fun  Regardless of what she has done professionally, or what her students have accomplished, Melody has the experience of working through many issues with her voice personally that offer her a different and more unique perspective than your average vocal coach. 

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