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About Melody

True to her name, Melody was amerced with music at a young age.  When her mother discovered her stack of songs written in her own musical language, with chords, melodies, and multiple parts that she could play back, Melody’s musical training began.  Starting with piano lessons in kindergarten, her training has never stopped.  Now, Melody has takes pleasure in helping others find there voice as a vocal coach, composition, production, and songwriting teacher, where she lives and works in Eugene, Oregon.  

Alongside private lessons and classes, Melody has works with numerous organizations throughout the US and in her community, such as:

  • Teaching songwriting, singing & overcoming performance anxiety courses through Lane Community College.  

  • Involvement with festivals, camps and workshops for All ages: Rock Edge Camp, American Rhythm, Lehi Arts Children's choir & musical theaters, Art City Music Fest

  • Acted as host and judge for various competitions, pageants and events including Sterling Scholar Award in Utah and in her community where she lives in now in Oregon. 

  • Guest Instructor teaching choirs, show choirs & drill teams, performance prep & auditions, public speaking  for students and businesses.

Awards, affiliations and recognitions include:

  • Los Angeles Music Awards: Best female vocalist & best country song

  • CMT: Music City Madness Finalist

  • VH1: Acoustic Honorable Mention

  • Certified in Vocal Science, Speech Level Singing (7 years of certified with the organization), National Association of Teachers of Singing and various other organizations for the voice. 

  • West Coast Songwriters, Pacific Northwest Songwriters, Nashville Associations of Songwriters and various other organizations for songwriters and composers.

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