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Sessions Online

Due to recent changes, Schools and Universities have closed doors for face-to-face classes and moved to online learning.  I will be following suit with the local and state schools and moving my sessions and classes to an online platform as well until the situation resides.  

-Melody Bell

I'm looking forward to working online with my students more.  I've been teaching online for over 15 years and have discovered there are advantages to online learning that often get missed in the face to face sessions.  It's like being able to put me in your pocket and take me home with you.  

The process is easy.  Here's how:

  • Schedule your session just the same as if it were a face-to-face session.

  • The day of your appointment, a link for your session is emailed to you.

  • At your appointment time, click the link in your email, and we are ready to go.

Tips for your first time:

  • Google Chrome browser usually works best

  • Headphones help with sound quality but aren't required

  • Click the link in the email prior to your session to test things out and make sure you can connect easily before your scheduled appointment time.

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