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Due to Covid-19, music students and teachers are unable to pay for and attend classes at a time when music is needed the most. 

Until the situation has resolved, I am volunteering 2 hours of my teaching time each week to teach my classes online to anyone interested.  Anyone may take the class live or return and watch it later and download the video.  No payment required.  Pay what you would like when you would like.   This will help keep the classes going for everyone.   

It is my goal to prove that music is stronger than any virus!

Upcoming Events
Free Songwriting Web-Class: Chunk Songwriting
Tue, Mar 31
Quarentined Studios
Mar 31, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT
Quarentined Studios
Join us for Songwriting Chunks, an online 60 minute songwriting class. The brain learns best when practicing or learning in chunks or small sections. Find out what happens to your musical brain when you teach it to write and create in chunks with lyrics, melodies and instruments.

Download available here

after the class

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