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For a limited time Melody is offering a free 30 minute consultation.  Fill out the form blow and Melody will reply via email within 24 hours.  Don't want to wait? Go to the Rates and Scheduling page and click the voice consultation option.  A schedule will pull up with available times.  You can choose a time that works best for you and book it instantly.  

What's In A Voice Consultation

What's In A Voice Consultation

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"Working with Melody was a joy!  I'm an experienced singer with 10 years of vocal lessons under my belt.  In the hour we spent together I was pleased to learn new exercises and concepts that I've never encountered before.  I felt a positive change in my voice the day after our lesson at my rehearsal with my band.  My voice felt powerful and I reached the top of my range with more ease than usual."


Fortune's Folly

"From our first session with Melody it was very clear how much experience, knowledge and ability she has to tap into her client's abilities.  Melody is very good at explaining different musical terms and giving examples that a 10 year old can understand.  My daughter has always enjoyed singing music and performing but with Melody's coaching she has taken her talents to another level."

-Jamie Strand

"I'm so grateful for the time I was able to study vocal techniques with Melody.  I've ben able to fulfill my dream of returning to musical theater with confidence!"

- Theresa Chatelain Sanford

"I am blown away with melody Bell's vocal coaching techniques.  She is the BEST!  If you have ever even thought about getting vocal lessons there is no one better!"

-Oralie Bordeaux

"Melody is a very focused and competent teacher and mentor.  Her attention to detail is a the highest level."

-Allen Hughes

VP Wonjin Hapkido USA

"Melody is one of the most patient instructors I've ever had.  She always takes the extra time to help you perfect your craft.  Not only does she care about you as a student but she always has your best interestin mind.  She will open your creativity and have you branching into worlds you never thought possible."

- Daijae

Recording Artist

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