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Many instruments and sports have methods and ways of tracking progress and improvement.  Students can earn their way up through the different levels by practice, progress​ and demonstration of learnings.  After years of teaching Hapkido and singing Melody Bell decided to combine the martial arts process with voice training.

However, the martial arts having many different  systems and methods of approach and singing and voice methodology do as well.  As a second degree black belt Hapkido instructor as well as a professional voice trainer, Melody became frustrated with the lack of community in the voice teaching industry.  Instead of seeing any system as better or worse than others Melody chose to see them all on the same page.  VoiceKiDo is a system of tracking vocal progress that can be used with any system or method of singing.  

About VoiceKiDo

Instructors use their teaching methods in combination with VoiceKiDo.  Required techniques and songs are listed out for each level of progression for students to track  individually as well as with instructors.  After certain hours of training the student can demonstrate their learnings at a formal test or concert hosted.   Similar to martial arts testing a panel instructors will assess if the students is ready to move up in rank. Upon successful demonstration of vocal training and knowledge the student can progress to the next level.  Each level will have more techniques and songs to learn and demonstrate in order to continue progressing in the system. 

VoiceKiDo is currently being the processes of development.   System book, manual and workshops will be available soon. 

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